RUCGC Foundation Bursary Scheme 2020

The RUCGC Foundation is delighted to launch applications for its 2020

Bursary scheme. These provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for officers

and staff to explore potential policing innovations through travel outside

Northern Ireland. Up to £5,000 and three weeks of research leave is



The Bursaries are a core part of the Foundation's mandate to support

policing innovations and are delivered in partnership with Ulster

University and PSNI. They aim to support individual officers and staff in

their professional development and contribute to improvements and

innovations in policing in Northern Ireland. We encourage proposals that

demonstrate why applicants are passionate about their idea and which can

demonstrate how they will build support within PSNI to make the innovation


Application Form Bursary Scheme 2020

The themes for the 2020 Bursaries are:


  1. Challenging institutional barriers to positive community policing with

new and/or established communities




  1. Addressing organisational responses to resilience, mental health, and





  1. A senior management that reflects society




  1. Innovative and supportive domestic violence interventions




  1. Learning from the private sector to improve policing outcomes and





  1. Open - any other topic that fits within the Chief Constable's strategic



- Building a culture of community policing


- Encouraging innovation and risk-taking


- Progression for a diverse workforce and procedural fairness