RUCGC Day Virtual Service

Dear friends and colleagues, as Chairman of the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC

Foundation, I know how difficult the past eight or nine months have been

for many of us and our loved ones. It has also been very challenging for

the RUCGC Foundation as we attempted to fulfill its mandate and achieve

its annual objectives.

The Foundation, established by the Police (NI) Act 2000, was formed "to

mark the sacrifices and honour the achievements of the Royal Ulster

Constabulary". We do this in many ways including the holding of our Annual

RUCGC Day Thanksgiving Church Service on the first Sunday of June. This

year it was to be held in Ballymena - at West Presbyterian Church - with

participation of church leaders from the four main


Sadly, due to the Covid 19 pandemic we had to cancel the service but now,

thanks to Foundation trustee Sandra Best and West Presbyterian's Reverend

Daniel Kane we have organized and produced a virtual service. I am pleased

to announce that it is available online by clicking on the following link:

I do hope you will watch and enjoy it and let as many interested people

know about it as possible. Sandra has done a marvellous job in organizing

the service and I am very grateful to everyone who assisted her including

all the members of the clergy who participated and, of course, the women's

and men's police choirs.

As Chairman I can tell you that all the Foundation's trustees and

volunteers are truly grateful to you all for ensuring that this year did

not pass by without our Service of Thanksgiving taking place. At this

time, and forever, we remember our fallen and injured colleagues and their

families. We are eternally thankful for their brave and dedicated service.

Stephen White OBE

Chairman RUCGC Foundation