Appointment of new Chairman to RUC GC Foundation

Former Assistant Chief Constable Stephen White has been named as the new chairperson to the RUC GC Foundation.

Mr White, who served in both the RUC and the PSNI, will take up office today for a term of five years.

Commenting on his appointment, he said: “I feel very privileged to be offered the opportunity to lead the RUC GC Foundation, particularly so since I am its first chairman to have served in the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

“The Foundation has a mandate which is very close to my heart – to mark the sacrifices and honour the achievements of the RUC GC and I will do all in my power to ensure that this mandate will be at the centre of all our activities.

“My aim is to provide visible, inclusive and empathetic leadership to a Foundation that is proud of the RUC’s history while being meaningful to our stakeholders and outward-looking for those interested in learning about policing and the positive role it plays in society.”

Peter May, permanent secretary for the Department of Justice, thanked outgoing chairperson Brian Rea for his “significant contribution” and said Mr White would bring “a wealth of experience to this very important role”.


On taking up his appointment, the Chairman issued the following statement to the RUC GC family;


Dear former comrades and current friends, some of you may already be aware that

today I take up the role of Chairman of the Royal Ulster Constabulary George Cross

Foundation. I’m privileged to be appointed and promise that I will do my best in

this important post.


I’m genuinely keen to provide a consultative, listening and meaningful style of

leadership and am open to constructive ideas, suggestions and offers of practical



Stage 1 for me is making sure people understand the function and make-up of the

Foundation. The Foundation’s aim is enshrined in a legal mandate. It is to “mark the

sacrifices and honour the achievements of the RUCGC”. The Foundation consists of a

Chairman, 5 trustees (all 6 of us are unpaid volunteers) and 2 support staff - with

a stakeholder group to advise us. Without a fantastic group of volunteers to assist

(eg gardening maintenance at the Memorial Garden, guiding at the History Trail,

stewarding at church services etc.) we simply could not function. Having already

served as a volunteer trustee for 6 years I’ve seen at first hand what they do and

am indebted to them.


No organisation can improve by standing still, so, I have some ideas for the future.

However, I first want to engage in a meaningful consultation/engagement with the

wider RUCGC family - not a PR exercise but a series of meetings, messages and

interactions to hear views - especially “west of the Bann”. I want the Foundation to

work for all the RUCGC family.


I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive messages of support since my appointment was

made official yesterday afternoon. Many thanks to all have contacted me.


My post on this group site is to simply let people know that I’m keen to hear any

and all genuinely held concerns or suggestions. If you have anything negative to say

about the Foundation (or me) I respectfully request that you “PM” me by private

message or lift the phone.


I was proud to serve the people of Northern Ireland alongside my RUC colleagues. I

now feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to serve those officers and

their families in my new role especially at this current very challenging time.


With kind regards to all, Stephen White