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The Garden, which is situated at Brooklyn, 65 Knock Road, Belfast, provides a major tribute to policing in
Ireland. It, in particular, marks the service and sacrifice of RUC officers and offers a unique three-dimensional experience unparalleled anywhere in the world.

The Royal Ulster Constabulary GC Garden has moved away from the traditional concept of a war memorial, adopting a more contemporary aspect and allows people to take different experiences from their visits. It includes an historical walk, featuring benches and plaques to create what designers are calling a "history timeline" marking important dates in the history of the RUC. The needs of the disabled, visually impaired, hard of hearing and other specialist groups are accommodated in the new garden.

In the more private part of the garden, a "Roll of Honour" inscribed on granite tablets, includes names of all officers who died: in service as a direct result of terrorism; in service but not directly related to terrorism; out of service but directly related to terrorism and Police Authority staff who died as a result of terrorism. Commemorative plaques also acknowledge the support given to the RUC by the Ulster Special Constabulary, the Armed Services, the Emergency Services and Support Services, and the wider Police Family.

The list of names commences on 1st June 1922 and ends on 3rd November 2001 after which the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC changed to the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The George Cross Foundation has responsibility for the upkeep of this Garden and will also have responsibility for a new purpose built police museum, which will be erected beside the Garden.

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"It has been the RUC who have held the fabric

 of this society together over the past 30 years

Dr Marjorie Mowlan
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 1997-1999

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